Kellie Springer, RN

Intuitive Guide & Reiki Master

How can I be of service in your life?

Perhaps you seek to identify areas of conflict in your life ~ Desire to move forward from an unpleasant situation

Long to gain more balance and less stress in your life ~ Wish to increase clarity surrounding specific issues or pending decisions

Yearn to more fully connect with yourself and the splendor Life has to offer

To you I say... Welcome

The Celtic definition of Anam Cara is "Soul Friend". Thus, Anam Cara Kellie is a resource for one to connect more fully and deeply with the self while receiving soulful(l) support  from another. Throughout our life experience, it is most often through the guidance and connection with others that we are better able to prosper, learn, and shine. Simply put, we are here to help one another on our journeys and Anam Cara Kellie is the conscious creation of that intent and purpose. Anam Cara Kellie provides you with the nurturing environment to openly, honestly, and unconditionally explore your inner being in order that a life of greater fulfillment and clarity may manifest.


Through Anam Cara Kellie, you will embark on a personal and unique expedition to reconnect with your truth, all the while unraveling the many layers that make up that truth, as well as the barriers to its expression. With gentle and compassionate attention, you will be guided to a greater awareness of your thoughts, patterns, and emotions and begin to identify how they impact and create the life you live. It is through this insight that new intentions and actions can consciously create the balance and fulfillment that we all seek and deserve.


During your time with Anam Cara Kellie, you will begin to know and understand yourself to greater depths as Kellie Springer shares her keen intuitive and empathic insights, all the while encouraging you to honor the voice of your own intuition.  As self-compassion blossoms, so too will your sense of personal power.


Anam Cara Kellie takes you on an empowering sojourn in order that you might become your greatest source of love and support.


It is with great honor and gratitude that you are invited to embark on this very intimate journey with Anam Cara Kellie, a soul friend, by your side. ∼

Who Is Kellie?

Kellie is a Registered Nurse, Intuitive Guide, and Reiki Master who works with the energetic, physical, and emotional dynamics of each unique client.  Clients come to her to increase the personal cohesiveness that leads to greater joy.  Kellie works with those of us who strive for

the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

What Services Does

Kellie Offer?

Kellie offers Reiki, Intuitive Guidance, Speaking Engagements, and Spiritual Practice
Instruction to those seeking to increase their own inner awareness, Spiritual connection,
and personal wholeness.

Who Does

Kellie Work With?

Kellie works with those who...

~ are interested in enhancing their own Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Well-Being


~ are simply seeking to incorporate daily spiritual practices and periodic Reiki sessions
   in to their lives as part of their overall health care


~ are working to improve emotional and/or physical circumstances and would like to

   reconnect with themselves in a supportive, gentle environment in order to incorporate

   new tools and insights in to their lives

Where Does
Kellie Work?

Kellie sees Reiki clients in a professional, comfortable Wellness Center and is available

for Intuitive Guidance Sessions via personal appointment or Skype.  She is also available

for Speaking Engagements at public venues/professional organizations.

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Services rendered through Anam Cara Kellie are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.
It is recommended you see a licensed physician or health care professional for any physical or psychological issues you may have.


Anam Cara Kellie, LLC ~ 50 Messner Ln, Glenmoore, PA 19343