June 2014

Relentless: The Blog

Personal and Cultural Mythology


We've all been lied to, many times over, throughout our life. Most lies weren't presented to us with any malice or intent to deceive, but instead stemmed from a long line of customs and beliefs presented to those many generations before us. These myths became tradition in our cultures, the truths of our minds and the energy of our very cells. Most of us have abided by these falsehoods, never taking the time or effort to ponder their validity and in fact, not even realizing we had an option to call them into question.


What are these myths that have been fed to us?  Or even worse, that we now feed to ourselves? There are many far and wide, as diverse as the number of people that inhabit our Earthly home, but there are some that remain consistent and continue to have a strong hold on the masses.


Myth #1- We need to prove we are worthy of love and what we do validates that worthiness.


Myth #2 - We must be perfect. Mistakes are not acceptable, and neither are we when a perceived failure crosses our path.


Myth #3- We are powerless victims. This feeds the notion that we are at the mercy of others, and the world as a whole, forever trapped in the machinations of others.


Myth #4- Everything we were taught as children is the only manual by which we should operate in this world. This allows us to repeat and support all myths by which the masses have (unconsciously) agreed to consent to perform and relive.


When we begin to address the most basic and pervasive of these fictions we are led to another layer of illusions that have developed in our own personal stories. I offer to you that perhaps during our time together we take at least one moment to challenge ourselves and those myths we have held onto that no longer serve us personally or as a culture.


I will share with you my story as it unfolds, at times confronting the tales that have spun their way into my mind, my day or my life. If you allow, I will offer you tools and suggestions as to how I deal with the challenges that face me in hopes that they may benefit you as well, allowing you one small step out of the fog that may be enveloping your days.


I invite you to identify those myths that have become your truths and instead seek your own truth; one that inspires, heals and empowers.


Be well and happy.

June 27, 2014

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