November 2014

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I was involved in a conversation with an individual the other evening when suddenly I became aware that I was helping her to connect the dots. I used to love to those puzzles as a child, they gave me a real sense of completion as I saw the full picture come into focus. Apparently I'm not the only one that enjoys this activity because on the market today there are books with supremely challenging versions that have numbered points going into the 1,000's or, with complicated coordinates to follow. To take a jumbled mess and make order out of it fascinates me. That, I realized as I stood deep in conversation, is what I've done with my own life for over a quarter of a century and how I support others in my practice as an alternative healer.


When we sit down to complete a dot-to-dot we always start at the beginning in order that we might move forward in the creation of the picture. Without those first points the picture can not reach its full completion. The same is true for our lives. It is necessary to travel to different points of our past and follow their path into our present to see the picture they are helping us to currently manifest. The picture of your today is not random but instead has a path that has led you to where you're standing at this time.


There's no escaping that past for it has a direct impact, consciously or unconsciously, in the creation we live today. When we go back to those significant times in our life and identify their ramifications, we can clearly see how those that have been left unresolved are played out in our present lives. The same or similar thoughts, patterns, fears and energies play out again and again from those unhealed events, the dots always connecting back in time.


If we have the courage to visit those points of our past or wounded self, we will find that the power to create a new vision of our present moment emerges. By bringing awareness to those key events in our history we begin to discover a new expression of ourselves and our lives for the future; a new picture materializes. Our power lies not in denying or running from what came before but in revisiting it with the intentions to understand its purpose and lessons.


Just like the puzzles offered today, this can prove to be super challenging and daunting at times but never have I heard another bemoan their choice to more fully understand themselves. I have found that it is as we connect the dots that the full beauty of our being unfolds before our eyes, the picture of our true selves taking form with greater clarity. Out of chaos order appears.


Be well and happy.

November 24, 2014

Sacred Moments


I returned from my vacation to be thrust right back into the throws of motherhood. There were clothes to wash, grocery shopping to complete and meals to make, my flock awaiting my clearly defined duties. I fell right back into the swing of things but with one difference I was not expecting, I felt absolutely divine performing these normal, everyday tasks of living. It seems the vacation had given me the time and space to view my life from a new perspective.


I always knew my care-taking role was of importance, but suddenly I felt that running my children to the local Kohl's for sweatpants was nothing short of a blessed act. That I was providing nurturing for another soul felt monumentally significant. I could sense the beauty of my actions and feel the love filling the cabin of my SUV.


Over the past 17 years of being a mom I've executed similar acts many times over and I've made a point of reminding myself that what I do, no matter that it might seem mundane, is significant in the development of my children; that it provides them with a sense of self worth and importance. Through my actions they understand that they matter, I mentally "got it" but have never felt the expanse of loving energy as clearly as I have most recently. I was no longer "doing" but was instead "feeling" and I was filled with nothing but gratitude that I might be in the position to shower another with acts of love.


The wonder of this understanding was that not only was I performing loving actions for others, not just my children, but that the converse was true as well, that others were doing the same for me in kind. Again, I intellectually grasped this concept prior but now the loving deeds of others towards me hit me in waves of great comfort and joy, quite simply I felt love everywhere. To fully feel the impact of this truth that we've all been told many times over is the way of our universe, leaves me feeling humbled and immensely grateful.


Instantly the fear kicked in and I become concerned that I would lose this new found level of emotional wisdom. That's where my years of personal growth and awareness come into play and I realize that by focusing on that fear and loss, I will surely bring it into my reality. Thus, I continue to make concerted efforts to focus on the love that ripples throughout my day and my life, not its potential deficit.


I wish I could bottle this feeling and send it to each and every one of you so that you too might drink in this sweet nectar and feel the hallowed grace of every act you perform for those significant to you in your daily life, as well as those they share with you. As my eyes well with tears, I know that nothing we do for another, not matter how humdrum it may appear, is ever wasted or insignificant. Millions, in fact more than billions, of loving actions are enacted every second of every day in our day to day lives. Put your rose colored glasses on and see your world, our world, with the splendor that it is.


I leave you with a quote I found only minutes ago, a message from the universe to me and you: " What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal."-Albert Pine


Be well and happy.

November 17, 2014

On Vacation


I will be on vacation this week, celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary with my husband. As such, I am choosing to practice what I preach and trust that the world will continue to revolve without my meddling for one week.


I encourage you to do the same, if only for five minutes. Stop. Take a break and allow others to run the show in your absence.


Bon voyage.


Be well and happy.

November 3, 2014

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