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Read what Kellie’s clients have shared about their experiences consulting with Anam Cara Kellie.

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My first experience with Reiki was with Kellie around 2006. I didn't know what to expect and was blown away. She is intuitive, thoughtful, insightful, and kind. She uncovers energy and feelings that I didn't even realize were having a great effect on me. I've been coming to see Kellie on and off since then. Particularly interesting, were my visits with Kellie while I was pregnant. She could feel my baby's energy as much as mine. She has helped me to overcome fears I didn't realize I had. She has helped me to set healthy boundaries in my relationships. Recently, I got caught up in the hectic schedule of being a working mom of 2. I had a lot of possible changes on the horizon and I wasn't sleeping because of physical symptoms my anxiety was causing. It didn't occur to me that I hadn't been in to see Kellie for a while. Since our visit a few weeks ago, I have been sleeping soundly and haven't had the pain that I was having in the middle of the night. Kellie continues to help me improve my level of self awareness. I have greater inner peace and a calmer mind after our visits in general now that I see her at regular intervals. Speaking to others, I don't think all Reiki practitioners work this way. Kellie is naturally intuitive and wonderful at helping me to be my best self.


~ Danielle Y.

Initially I came to Kellie to ask for guidance in how I could move forward in a new career path.  As soon as we started talking she intuitively picked up on other things that were going on for me - taking the discussion in a whole different direction - yet completely relevant in my life transition.  Kellie has an incredible and surprising ability to get down to the root of the problem very quickly and accurately.  Serving as my biggest advocate, she used intuition, meditative exercises and compassion to allow me to feel safe in talking about life experiences and emotions that I had not shared with anyone.  With the sessions and new sets of tools to use in my daily life, I have experienced a wealth of healing insights.  The new awareness and understanding allows me to continue re-training my brain so that I experience healthier relationships with myself and others.  Kellie literally changed my life and I highly recommend her for anyone who is seeking healing or peace in their lives.


~ Jody M.

Kellie is a wonderful service provider. I had never experienced Reiki before so I was not sure what to expect. Kellie explained all that would take place and encouraged me to ask questions. I felt very comfortable in talking with her and felt as though the services really helped me feel better. They also helped me understand myself and how my body reacts to stress and how to deal with it in a healthy way! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in Reiki.


~ Ellen M.

I truly enjoy working with Kellie. She has an amazing ability to focus on my areas of concern and is one of the only people that I've ever worked with who can help me open up and talk about my feelings and thoughts. With her, I can both express myself and make new discoveries each session. Her calming influence and work as a Reiki practitioner is amazing, and I always feel much more relaxed after I have met with her. I also really appreciate her practical and hands-on solutions – she provides action items that I can take with me and work on throughout the week. It's been a fantastic experience to work with her.


~ Lisa M.

I have been going to Kellie, periodically, for over 6 years for both Reiki and Intuitive Guidance. I make an appointment with her whenever I feel stuck in a certain area of life or am experiencing physical problems.  I consider my visits with her, and the tools she teaches me, to be part of my overall well-being and self-care regime.  I have seen her for everything from life & career transitions to persistent shoulder pain.  (I find that my reiki visits for physical symptoms seem to really complement my medical appointments and expedite my recovery).  I also like the fact that my reiki appointments involve a lot of Intuitive Guidance and discussion.  My visits with her increase my self-awareness as much as they improve how I'm feeling, both of which are equally important to me.  She is a gifted mentor who uses her abilities to heal and empower her clients.  I have recommended her to several friends, who all gave positive feedback, and I will continue to recommend her.


~ Amy R.

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